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toilet  fizzers

who said toilet cleaning has to be gross and boring?

​Read below for how-to and safety instructions.

How to get the best from your toilet fizzer

Drop one toilet fizzer the bowl and leave for 5-10 mins. you should see small bubbles start to form immediately with some foamy fizz after 5 minutes.

Step One

Grab your toilet brush and use as normal using the foam and fizz to clean the bowl too.

Step two

Flush - that's it! seriously, you're done - go put your feet up.

Step three


  • Do not use toilet fizzer in the bath or shower.

  • External, toilet cleaning use only. 

  • Ensure you spot test before use.

  • Avoid eyes.

  • Rinse hands/skin thoroughly after touching toilet fizzer.

  • Pets should not be in close proximity during or directly after use as some essential oils can be toxic for pets. 


  • Bi-carb soda

  • Citric acid 

  • Essential oils 

  • Plant derived suficant

  • Corn starch 

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