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"Makers by nature and always searching for natural or thrifted alternatives, we always had homemade, eco creations on the go at home. From this, Natural Industry was born! We jumped on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula market circuit (and sometimes still frequent them) to share our creations. As we grew, we expanded our range to found or slow, small batch, handmade production of products that are convenient, look good and are conscious of the footprint they leave behind. " 

Cait & Col

Our Story 

Our Ethos 

We really bloody care about this planet! Don't we all? So much, that we started out exclusively making and selling items that reduce waste and plastic consumption. We still stock (& love) our eco range, however, in the name of authenticity we have shifted our ethos, not away from our eco-roots, but more accurately to align with circular and slow living. Now our range includes thrifted or one-off treasures, our classic small, slow batch and handmade items, alongside a small range of consciously curated, kitschy things that are fun, purposeful and made to last

For more info on circular economy living check out our blog post.

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