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Shower Steamers

All the fun of a bath bomb but way more perks!

​Read below for how-to and safety instructions.

How to get the best from your shower steamer!

Turn shower on hot to create steam, unwrap the shower steamer and place in the corner of the shower or somewhere that it is getting splashed but not submerged completely (shower steamer can be placed in a small dish to enhance aroma and prolong the life). Adjust shower to your regular temperature. Jump in!

Step One

Now for some deep breaths.

Once the shower steamer starts to fizz you should be able to smell and feel the effects of the steamer. To increase the aroma, decrease the bathroom or shower ventilation. To decrease the aroma, increase the bathroom or shower ventilation. 

Step two

Once finished, thoroughly rinse any leftover reside from dissolved shower steamer. The shower steamer should last for approximately two 5-10 minute showers. Experiment with placement and shower pressure to enhance or prolong steamer life.

Step three


  • Do not use shower steamers in the bath.

  • External use only. 

  • Ensure you test shower steamers for aroma and skin reactions, and shower stains before use.

  • Avoid eyes.

  • Rinse hands/skin thoroughly after touching shower steamers.

  • Be mindful of slipping hazard, shower steamers dissolve near feet and release oils that may become slippery.

  • Pets should not be in close proximity during or directly after use as some essential oils can be toxic for pets. 


  • Bi-carb soda

  • Citric acid

  • Corn starch 

  • Essential oils 

  • Cream of tartar

  • Menthol

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