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Washable wipes for the freshest of faces. These toweling backed babies will save you heaps in single use makeup wipes. Their neat hemming means no frays, prolonging the life of your wipe.  Use for:

  • Removing make up.
  • Cleansing and face care. 
  • Freshen up during the day. 
  • In shower or as part of you beauty routine.


Colour options: purple, green, black, pink, olive, mustard, orange, natural, teal.

Request your colour combo in the notes when adding to cart, or type "random" for a surprise mix.


Add 6 extra wipes for less, to rotate while the originals are in the wash.


Face Wipes

  • 100% cotton
  • Neatly hemmed (no fraying)
  • Toweling backed
  • 6 face wipes per pack
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